I had my shoulder replaced at the University of Virginia in August, 2016 by Dr. Stephen Brockmeier. The next week I started my physical therapy at Blue Ridge Physical Therapy. I started out going three times a week and they worked with me to make it convenient for me to have someone drive me there. Dr. Kimble was my therapist. With his knowledge and patience along with the other staff, they helped me get through my therapy with minimal pain and soreness.

I learned that one of the most important things to do when taking physical therapy is to listen to your therapist and follow his/her instructions.

Dr. Kimble and all the staff at Blue Ridge Physical Therapy are very professional and I feel like they know exactly what to do to get you back to your normal routine as soon as it is physically possible.

After about twelve weeks I finished my therapy and am doing fine. When I went back to my surgeon for my check-up after surgery, he was very pleased with the results of the  surgery and also the great therapy I had received from Blue Ridge Physical Therapy.

If anyone needs physical therapy I would be more than happy to talk to them and tell them the great experience I had at Blue Ridge Physical Therapy. I will be spreading the word about my great surgeon and GREAT THERAPIST.

Thanks again to Dr. Kimble and all the staff at Blue Ridge Physical Therapy.

Pete N.

“What a wonderful gift it is to be given your life back and that is exactly what happened to me as a result of my therapy at Blue Ridge Physical Therapy! With two hip replacements , a knee replacement and a number of other orthopedic problems I was very discouraged when I struggled to regain much mobility after a fall resulted in a broken leg in my thigh. Four months after my fall I began six weeks of therapy at Blue Ridge and am now walking better and feeling better than I have in years.

Having received therapy in five facilities in three states I am able to compare these facilities and found that Blue Ridge Physical Therapy is the best by far. The staff is the best educated with three Doctors of Physical Therapy on staff, plus other well trained and proficient staff.  The facility is the quietest, cleanest and best managed of all the facilities where I have been a patient. All the staff know the patients by name and are friendly, caring and attentive.

My personal therapist, Dr. Lance Kimble, was a joy to work with. I was amazed that the exercises that he prescribed and enabled me to execute were not too difficult or painful, and yet they resulted in much improved strength , mobility and balance. In addidition he went the extra mile in helping me make the transition from the end of therapy to exercising on my own.

If you are searching for a physical therapy facility, I would strongly encourage you to give Blue Ridge Physical Therapy a try!

Margaret C.

I would like to thank all of you for the professional and friendly care that I have received from Blue Ridge Physical Therapy. I had both knees replaced and had never been through anything like this before. I had no idea what to expect .  From the very beginning of my therapy your professional staff worked with me. You were not only professional, but very friendly and flexible with scheduling. You made me feel comfortable with my exercises, and helped me to not get discouraged with my recovery.  The encouragement that your team expressed to me helped me to work with diligence and confidence that “it would get easier”, and it certainly did.

So I just want to say thanks for the professional care, and the encouragement and smiles all of you showed me while going through my recovery. I would highly recommend blue Ridge Physical Therapy to anyone that is need of physical therapy.



Ron R. (Buena Vista, VA)

I highly recommend Blue Ridge Physical Therapy for help with recovering from an injury.  Every staff member was attentive and courteous, the course of treatment effective and efficient. This was my first experience with physical therapy and I was amazed at the speed of the healing process and how quickly I got back to my normal life.  You don’t have to suffer additional pain to heal properly!

Christine D. (Lexington, VA)