Welcome to Blue Ridge Physical Therapy

Our Christian based physical therapy practice  values you as a patient. Our experienced staff is committed to make your treatment as comprehensive, pain free, and cost efficient as possible. It is our hope that you will never need physical therapy services; however, if you do, it would be our privilege to assist you in your recovery.

“I cannot say enough great things about the work of Dr. Bill Melchione and his skilled team at Blue Ridge Physical Therapy. I had two very complicated hip replacement surgeries in a six month period. (I’m in my mid 50’s and had hip dysplasia since birth). After each surgery, the team worked with me to build back my muscle strength and to help me learn to walk again.  Dr. Melchione built a program custom-tailored to my needs and though I still have a ways to go, I’m walking better than I ever have in my entire life.  I attribute my progress and success to the Blue Ridge team’s depth of PT experience and the encouragement and patience I received from them on every visit.”

Thank you Blue Ridge PT!

Julie H. (Lexington, VA)

I think that a lot of people have a negative perception of physical therapy because it takes time out of their day and it is difficult to confront injuries and stay committed to the process of the treatment. I however, thoroughly enjoyed my experience during my therapy at Blue Ridge PT. It was such a positive, friendly atmosphere that I actually looked forward to going to my appointments.  The same as any other patient, I was concerned about the quality of the treatment that I was getting.  But as an athlete,  I was especially concerned with the duration and efficiency of treatment knowing that I wanted to get back into practice and match-play as soon as possible. Considering factors of health and wellness as well as physical performance, I knew I could not have been in better hands.

Ben R (Lexington, VA)